Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center is dedicated to providing a private facility with the sole purpose
of supporting the training requirements of United States military and law enforcement professionals.
Our premier 360 acre facility is conveniently located next to a major interstate (HWY 17) and is less than
an hour away from (2) commercial airports.
In addition the facility has;
• Four Primary Ranges
• Facility Support Staff
• Ammunition Storage Bunker
• ATF Approved Weapons Storage Facility
• Gun-Smiting Facility for Unit Armorers
• Secure Classrooms
• Drop Zone/Landing Zone
• Secluded TCCC Training Area
• Indoor & Outdoor Student Lounge

Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center, Inc., is a North Carolina corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary
of ISAP. Industrial Security Alliance Partners, Inc., (ISAP) provides government and industry with logistical
support, consulting, operations management, manufacturing, and training services that enables
the end-user to adapt, integrate, or have a stand-alone solution for today's current threats.